PS/2 memory

Date: Mon Apr 17 10:26:36 2000

Speaking of PS/2 memory, can anyone shed any light on the
following MCA memory card:

Made by Quadram. There are various stickers:
[908503] [02790487][REV 1B] [K.B.]
[9080R1] [9081R1] [9079R2]
The [908503] sticker obscures an etch number

There are four 30pin SIMM slots furthest from the back plate,
each containing a 1Mbyte SIMM.

I've searched the web but can't find any info. There are three
3pin jumpers (marked J1, J2, J3) and one toggle switch on
the back plate. I've assumed that the jumpers set the
starting address/size and that the toggle switches it off and
on but can't see any extra memory (even after trying various
combinations) in my PS/2 model 80.

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