Marquette "MUSE"--DEC mini/file server circa 1986-88

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Date: Mon Apr 17 06:59:59 2000

> Is this some sort of rebadged DEC system or a totally custom
>ie: worthless medical gadget....looks promising.

It's a system, with DEC CPU, non-DEC controllers/peripherals and a non-DEC
backplane/chassis/power supply.

Not too unusual - IMHO it's *more* unusual to find an entirely-DEC

Note that it is possible to assemble a brand-new PDP-11 "compatible"
using no DEC parts at all. For instance, I know of one desktop system
using a Mentec M11 CPU (totally custom implementation, not even a J11),
Andromeda SCDC SCSI host adapter, Logical Company async multiplexer, and
a Seagate SCSI hard drive in an Andromeda desktop Q-bus enclosure.

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