8-bit IDE

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Date: Mon Apr 17 08:25:07 2000

>> I personally like the CMOS much better since it drives harder, and since it
>> pulls and pushes with the same impedance, unlike TTL which sinks 16 and
>> sources 1.6 mA. I've tried replacing all the bus interface buffers on my
>> old S-100 cards with AC logic. In some cases I used HC or AHCT (SAMSUNG)

>I've seen latchup on busses that ring negative using HC and HCT parts.
>I'd like the better drive but they would randomly flame on me due to the
>bus ringing. Obviously loading the bus with terminators would solve this
>but it's still something that worried me and made for a less robust card
>for handling and ESD.

Is the cheapness of IDE drives worth all the heartache of the cable
length and funny line driver limitations? The cable length limitations
are so short that you've almost got to put the hard drive in the same
box as the CPU - this isn't good if you want expandable or flexible systems!
But if "cheap" is the main requirement, I suppose it's OK.

Maybe I'm too used to dealing with systems where the hard drive might
be 60 or 100 feet away from the CPU... (differential SCSI and SMD.)

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