8-bit IDE

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Date: Mon Apr 17 08:42:47 2000

> Is the cheapness of IDE drives worth all the heartache of the cable
> length and funny line driver limitations? The cable length limitations
> are so short that you've almost got to put the hard drive in the same
> box as the CPU - this isn't good if you want expandable or flexible systems!
> But if "cheap" is the main requirement, I suppose it's OK.

Yes! keep in mind they are small and pitting them in most boxes for a lot
of compact storage makes up for a lot. It's not ideal but easy to use and
talk to them.

I like SCSI for the interconnect but the driver code is painful especially
if you useing the 5380 and clones.
> Maybe I'm too used to dealing with systems where the hard drive might
> be 60 or 100 feet away from the CPU... (differential SCSI and SMD.)

That or trying to figure out where a 12gb 2.5" drive goes under the raised
floor. ;)

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