Altos Xenix System

From: Geoff Roberts <>
Date: Mon Apr 17 09:14:03 2000

I have acquired (someone dumped it on me) a really old Altos 486 (model, not
cpu - 8085 or 86 I think) running a really
early version of SCO Xenix. (Ver 3.0b). Seem to be non Y2K, but otherwise
runs happily in it's whole 512k of ram.
Not sure about the hard disk yet, probably 10mb or maybe even 5mb. Comes
with a couple of terminals, one's an Altos III, the other looks identical
but is a Wyse 50. Uses a funny multipin plug for the terminal keyboard.
Anyone know how common these were around the place? Seems to have Multiplan
and some kind of word processor and a database/inventory program of some
sort. Belonged to some Electronic Parts firm near as I can figure out.
I mentioned this system in passing about a year or so back, when I first
looked at it for the owner, who wanted to use it, but he thought (not
unreasonably for the uninitiated) that the 486 designation meant it was a
486 cpu. He took it away somewhat deflated, (bought at an auction for $30 -
way too much) and I forgot about it. I did offer to take it off his hands
at the time, but he declined. Well, he turned up the other day and dumped
it plus a complete, genuine, working IBM XT with IBM CGA monitor and IBM
Keyboard, plus a pile of C64 and other misc stuff. Seems he got sick of it
laying about and remembered I was interested.....:^)
I'm happy......


Geoff Roberts
Received on Mon Apr 17 2000 - 09:14:03 BST

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