CPU upgrades, pt. II

From: Mark Gregory <mgregory_at_vantageresearch.com>
Date: Mon Apr 17 18:44:28 2000

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Date: Monday, April 17, 2000 5:09 PM
Subject: Re: CPU upgrades, pt. II

> > Heres a PS2/50z question.
> >
> > Mine only has 1meg, looks like 72pin simm but none I have seem
> >work. All of them happen to be 8x32 (16chip).
>I don't really know too much about PS/2s yet, I'm only just starting to
>investigate these machines (I've got 3 - a Model 50, a Model 80 and a

Ah, the model 95! The Ardent Tool of Capitalism itself! Makes a lovely file
server when running OS/2 or an old copy of NT 3.5. The machine is
indestructible, there's more than enough power and room for 3 or 4 modern
SCSI drives, and plenty of slots for a LANstreamer or two. If you don't
already have them, I'd suggest upgrading to a Type 4 (Pentium 60 or 66)
complex, and an IBM Fast/Wide SCSI controller. Alternatively, many of the
older complexes can take Evergreen or other upgrade CPUs, with the suitable

The only downside of PS/2s these days is that 100 Meg Ethernet cards for
MCA are very hard to find.

You'll grow to love that Model 95 - I plan to have mine used as my
headstone when the time comes : v )

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