CPU upgrades, pt. II

From: Mike Ford <mikeford_at_socal.rr.com>
Date: Wed Apr 19 04:39:25 2000

>Ah, the model 95! The Ardent Tool of Capitalism itself! Makes a lovely file
>server when running OS/2 or an old copy of NT 3.5. The machine is
>indestructible, there's more than enough power and room for 3 or 4 modern
>SCSI drives, and plenty of slots for a LANstreamer or two. If you don't
>already have them, I'd suggest upgrading to a Type 4 (Pentium 60 or 66)
>complex, and an IBM Fast/Wide SCSI controller. Alternatively, many of the
>older complexes can take Evergreen or other upgrade CPUs, with the suitable
>The only downside of PS/2s these days is that 100 Meg Ethernet cards for
>MCA are very hard to find.

10bt cards are no cake walk to find for MCA, but I wonder if it REALLY is
that much of a factor. I mean how much suffering are you doing at 10bt
rates with a decent card like those lanstreamer things?

My PS/2 "collection" is about 2 dozen machines, with model 9595 units
making up about 2/3 of that number. Those are "pretty" machines, better
than blinkin lights. ;) OTOH the desktop line are so ugly it makes up for

BTW the type IV p90 is the hot complex, I have TWO. ;) Some of the others
can be upgraded, but from reading the PS2 newsgroup success is quite
spotty, with many problems using the interposers. For members of this list
only I will offer a few Kingston 586 133 upgrade chips, or the similar
Evergreens for $20 each and shipping.
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