8-bit IDE

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Date: Mon Apr 17 21:22:15 2000

> "Has anyone got sufficient experience with the IDE in non-PC-compatible
>applications to say, unequivocally, whether the 8-bit operating mode
>described in section 6 of the standard for the ATA (IDE) interface, yes
>SPELLED OUT, actually exists in drives of the pre-1996 vintage?" It was
>dropped from the standard in 1996. There seem to be many folks with
>suggestions about how to implement this extremely elementary interface.
>There seem to be few who know whether the standard was every full

Why would they include that? NONE of the PC hardware they were intended
for wants to run as 8bit bus. Even the crippled SL/SLC run as 16bit busses.

>Allison seems to be the only one who's tried this, and, I fear, it may be
>a PC-compatible, where all bets are off as to what really happens.

Obviously visually impaired! I don't hack IO in PCs nor have I tried that
I may add why even bother, IDE works there as is.

 ALL of the IDE work I've done was with 8085, z80s either stand alone
(bus less) or S100 Z80s. Further I'm currently working on a Z280 system
with IDE (Zbus 16bit). This is where I need interfaces and so I can replace
older MFM or non-existent hard disks. I currently have one S100 system
running a connor3044A (40mb) IDE that will be upgraded to a ST3250
(250mb) as it's a better drive.

The drives I've tried include:

 Connor 2022
 Connor 3044
 Fijitsu 528mb
 Quantum LPS 80 and 120
 Maxtor 124mb
 and afew other sub 60mb WD, NEC, Seagate drives.

I now have two 2.5mb IDE in the 700-800mb region I may try one day.

 I do have two WD PS/2m30 compatable 8bit IDE 20meg drives.

I think this is a good cross section

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>> I don't know a hoot about this, but I wonder if taking a look at the
>> Sequential Systems Focus card for the Apple II might be instuctive. Its a
>> controller and notebook IDE drive that all fits on a Apple II slot card.
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