8-bit IDE

From: Jerome Fine <jhfine_at_idirect.com>
Date: Mon Apr 17 23:11:16 2000

>allisonp wrote:

> ALL of the IDE work I've done was with 8085, z80s either stand alone
> (bus less) or S100 Z80s. Further I'm currently working on a Z280 system
> with IDE (Zbus 16bit). This is where I need interfaces and so I can replace
> older MFM or non-existent hard disks. I currently have one S100 system
> running a connor3044A (40mb) IDE that will be upgraded to a ST3250
> (250mb) as it's a better drive.
> The drives I've tried include:
> Connor 2022
> Connor 3044
> WD2120
> WD2420
> St3096A
> St3144A
> St3250A
> St3660
> Fijitsu 528mb
> Quantum LPS 80 and 120
> Maxtor 124mb
> and afew other sub 60mb WD, NEC, Seagate drives.
> I now have two 2.5mb IDE in the 700-800mb region I may try one day.
> I do have two WD PS/2m30 compatable 8bit IDE 20meg drives.
> I think this is a good cross section

Jerome Fine replies:

But have you tried to get an IDE drive to work with a Qbus? That would seem
to be an even better goal? Well at least from my point of view! I do admit
to being strictly focused on a PDP-11 as well. I always wondered why none
of the 3rd party manufactures did not do an MSCP emulation. And if you are
still concerned about using MSCP until or before the patent expires, there are
a number of other possibilities that are much less difficult and still allow
a 32 bit block number. Can you at least suggest how easy or difficult it
might be?

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Fine
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