8-bit IDE

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Date: Tue Apr 18 07:47:52 2000

> But have you tried to get an IDE drive to work with a Qbus? That would seem

No, not yet. The probelm there is more one of drivers than interface.
At the interface level, it's ben done by a russian chap. The problem with
that design is it's PIO driven and as a result slower than putty. A good
IDE interface wtih DMA has the potential to rival some of the faster
interfaces used on Qbus as it would not have all the protocal overhead.

I have adaquate devices for my PDP-11s but I'd love to build a small
T-11 powered box. Two limitations to doing that, an extreme shortage of
time and a free OS I can write a driver for (RT11 and unix don't count).

> of the 3rd party manufactures did not do an MSCP emulation. And if you are
> still concerned about using MSCP until or before the patent expires, there are

Silly question, why bother with MSCP at all? A native drive like RL02,
DSD-880, RKnn would work just as well and offer better performance.

Answer, it's a standard that everyone seems to emulate.

Besides CP/M based systems are where I hardware hack the most.

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