8-bit IDE

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Date: Wed Apr 19 15:45:27 2000

> The reason I like the '646 and friends is because it essentially provides
> the register that is needed to hold the high data on a read and the buffer

If you have a unified bus it's a good part. S100 (raw) is not unified so
it's less than helpful.

The compromise is to make the board a channel (like mine) and use a
interface adaptor between it and the drive (IDE-16).

> Frankly, I wish the current generation XILINX software would support the
> 2000 and 3000 series parts, but the former was end-of-lifed some 10 years
> ago and the 3000 has been replaced with the 3000-A series and 3100 series.
> The 3030 would make my job MUCH simpler, but I just can't use one due to
> software incompatibility.

Blame w96 for that. I have the old generation stuff and run W3.1 (though
I'm trying it under NT4).

> That's how they get us to buy more parts and throw out the old ones, doncha
> know!

I just don't bend to that.

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