PDP-8/i Help needed

From: Will Jennings <xds_sigma7_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Wed Apr 19 17:08:05 2000

OK I have an 8/i, but now I have a lot of questions; first, where the heck
is the serial number on the dumb thing? The top of the main frame seems to
be the listing for the options and serial numbers, i.e. "KW8I 532," "MC8IA
1877," and "KP8I 774." I know this means it has/had another 4K of memory,
the power fail/auto restart, and the RTC. On the back of the main frame, it
has one more serial plate, though it looks like there used to be another
one. It reads "M26 8I L3213." Is there any way to determine the stupid
thing's serial number or is it there or ??? I have reason to believe that
it's a fairly early machine, since it's a Negibus 8/i, and some of the chip
dates are from late '68/early '69. I'd appreciate not being outbid on the 4K
PDP-8 core stack on Ebay, as I need it to have the full 8K that it once had.
Does anyone have any real docs for the beast they could part with? I mean
originals, yes I greatly appreciate highgate, but since I plan to have a
museum at some point, I really do need the real things. Not to mention that
I don't have the equipment to print a D-size drawing (the module utilization
chart). I also need the trim piece for the top of the rack it lives in (the
old black 6'4" style). While I'm at it, I have no manuals for my 11/34A or
my VAX-11/750..

Will J
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