Rover I portable: Does it exist?

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Date: Wed Apr 19 20:25:42 2000

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> I recently read about an intresting old portable (luggable?) called the
> Rover I. This is an intresting machine because instead of using floppy
> drives like most portables, it uses wafertape drives (now *there's* a
> storage system that never really took off, but I have heard that they were
> reasonably popular on TRaSh-80's.)

wafertape - you mean stringy floppy? i have an exatron stringy floppy drive
with my trs80 model 1. no tapes though. anyone have any? a guy i worked with
has a stringy floppy drive with his model 1 and he said it was much better
than cassette tape. i think it was random access type device too. i think he
said you could store ~100k per wafertape. really looks like fishing line in a
little tape case.

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