Dec help (again)

From: Mike <>
Date: Wed Apr 19 21:46:47 2000

After looking around on the net for a Dec MMJ terminal cable and finding
conflicting sources for their pinouts, I figured it would be just easier to
drive the 225mi round trip to dig around again int my favorite scrapper's
junk piles... As luck would have it, I did find 4 of the cables and two
RJ?? to db25 adapters.

So... I speed home and hook up a few of the VaxStation 3100's for a virgin
spin via the(MMJ) console and get:

    KA43-A V1.3

     ? C 0080 0000.40001
    ?? 1 00C0 0000.7004


I'm guessing this is a memory or media fault but I'm not sure... Anyone?

Also, I finally opened rack #4 of the 11/44 system )
I picked up that was supposedly empty... And inside is a SC008 Star Coupler
and User Manual! A little happy dance ensued, of course, but I thought
these things were just for vax clusters. Can a 44 be a node along side
MicroVAXen ???

I also found a reference on the web ) that asserts
that tcp was first written for a 44 too, is that true?

Sorry for all the dec boneheadedness.

- Mike:
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