VCF Europa & My Appearance at Oxford

From: Sellam Ismail <>
Date: Fri Apr 21 11:53:20 2000

VCF 1.0e is about a week away and plans are rolling right along. It
should prove to be a smashing event. My German lessons are
progressing nicely and I can now ask for beer in German and get
directions to the nearest toilet. Next week I hope to be able to apologize
in German for vomiting on your shoes.

In case this isn't making sense to you, I made a deal with Hans that if he
did the VCF for Europe I would learn German and give a 45 minute talk in
German. My talk will deal with the Inca Quipu, a mnemonic device made
of cloth that the ancient Inca's used to record things such as their crop
counts, population, etc.

I'm also giving a talk at Oxford (that would be in England :) at the
Institute of Archaeology, 36 Beaumont St, Oxford at 5pm on Thursday,
May 4th. My talk will deal with this whole computer collecting craze and
what people like us are doing to preserve the history of computing. I may
also give a follow-up talk the next day (that would be Friday, May 5th) at
the Computer Centre on Banbury Road. That talk is still tentative but I'll
post a follow-up when the time is worked out.

I'll be in Oxford from Thursday, May 4th, until Saturday morning, May
6th. I would love to meet any Englanders from the list so if you can
make it to the talk I'd be delighted. We can go get one of those big, tall
beers at a local pub afterwards. They're called a yard right? Shouldn't
that be 0.9144 meters now since you're on the metric system? At any
rate, we'll quaff some alcoholic beverages and then go harass pretty
young ladies.

If anyone would like to contact me about anything please send all
queries to I look forward to meeting many of my
European counterparts!

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