VCF Europa & My Appearance at Oxford

From: Roger Merchberger <>
Date: Fri Apr 21 12:32:18 2000

Rumor has it that Sellam Ismail may have mentioned these words:
>VCF 1.0e is about a week away and plans are rolling right along. It
>should prove to be a smashing event. My German lessons are
>progressing nicely and I can now ask for beer in German and get
>directions to the nearest toilet. Next week I hope to be able to apologize
>in German for vomiting on your shoes.

Well, a good quick way to practice once you get over there is have a few,
quick shots of Jaegermeister uninitiated... I don't care if the Deutche
translation is "Master Hunter" or something like that... I figured out it
should be more like "Volcano in Stomach" or somesuch... ;-)

'Tis too bad you're not making a pit-stop in Northern Michigan on your way
back -- I'd pay handsomly for a case of good, German Altbier... :-)

[[ Re: England ]]
>We can go get one of those big, tall
>beers at a local pub afterwards.

Erm... if you don't want to upset the locals, call it an "ale." ;-)
Technically, however, beer is made with hops as a bittering agent, ale is
made with spices other than hops, IIRC.

[[ Oh, and German "sign-language" is a bit different as well - the hand
sign with the thumb and index finger touching, making an 'O' with the three
remaining fingers extended and seperated generally used in the USA to mean
"O.K." means "asshole" in Germany... use the "thumbs-up" which in the USA
is used to hitch a ride, in Germany means "Number one" / "First-rate" /

Also, Germans hand-count differently as well - they go by the
"highest-number finger" method, which means the number of fingers/digits
extended means nothing, only the "ordinal" of the highest number digit will
be counted.

Thumb == 1
Index Finger == 2
Middle Finger == 3
Ring Finger == 4
Pinky Finger == 5

So if you hold up your index and middle fingers in what in the USA would be
a count of 2 beers, the waiter will gladly bring you 3 beers (remember,
middle number == 3, and that's the highest number finger. If you hold up
*only* your pinky finger, you are still asking for 5 beers.

I got more free beer that way in Germany...
Them: Why did the waiter bring 3 beers when I only asked for two?
Me: Give me the extra beer and I'll tell you why... ;-) ;-)

Take care and have fun,
Roger "Merch" Merchberger
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