VCF Europa & My Appearance at Oxford

From: Bill Dawson <>
Date: Fri Apr 21 14:01:22 2000


-> Well, a good quick way to practice once you get over there is have a few,
-> quick shots of Jaegermeister uninitiated... I don't care if the Deutche
-> translation is "Master Hunter" or something like that... I figured out it
-> should be more like "Volcano in Stomach" or somesuch... ;-)

I remember well my first experience with Jaegermeister. It was during a
business excursion to Rechlinghausen. This Jaegermeister substance, and my
use of same, caused me to miss a trip to Munich the next day (Pink Floyd,
The Wall concert) d8^(

Not a recommended substance for the uninitiated with plans for the next day.

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