OT: Jagermeister [was: Re: VCF Europa & My Appearance at Oxford]

From: David Vohs <netsurfer_x1_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Fri Apr 21 21:25:05 2000

>Oh christ.
>One of my cars gets wrenched on by the guy who >maintains the Jaegermeister
>934; one of the perks (or >perhaps a prerequisite) of the job appears to be
>an >endless supply of Jagermeister and related banners, >glasses and the
>like. There's a Jagermeister shrine of >sorts in one corner of the shop,
>consisting of cases of >the stuff, a dedicated refrigerator filled with it,
> >assorted dirty glasses and a 55-gallon drum which is >usually overflowing
>with empty Jagermeister bottles >(which is a staggering sight).
>Every time I collect my car after one of its multi->month sojourns in this
>shop there's an obligatory >ritual of being offered a shot of this stuff
>for the >road because, and I quote, "...it's completely >harmless...", an
>assertion I find (literally) difficult >to swallow given that the stuff
>seems to be composed of >equal parts herbal cough syrup and Draino.
>Chris Kennedy
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Harmless!?!?!? I don't see how that stuff is harmless! I don't know if you
know this, but Jagermeister has a certain little opiate in it (I'm not
kidding!) that makes you extremely violent. (If you've had too much, that
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