Interesting finds; 1801, National Semiconductor RM-665, Grid,HPs..

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Sat Apr 22 00:48:17 2000

I doubt that Motorla made a development system for the 6502. MOS technology
was stealing LOTS of their business, and they'd certainly not support a
competitor's products.

National Semiconductor built lots of 8080 stuff, including the processor
once the market took off. I have several cardcages (4-slots) that bear the
National logo. They are Multibus-1, of course.

If I were you, Joe, I'd hang onto the iSBC 8020 boards. I've used them and
their successor, the iSBC 8020-4 (4 MHz CPU) and its 8085 incarnation, the
iSBC-8024 MANY times, for things that could use the on-board peripherals.
The normal complement of memory ws only 2K, though I've never seen a board
from this series that didn't have 4K in the form of 8 2114's. They're
extremely useful and quite straightforward once you learn where everything
is. You don't have to use them with other Multibus boards, but it's
certainly possible.

One of these days I'll put the ol' 8024 together with a RAM board and the
Central Data FDC, and it will boot CP/M.

I've got quite a number of Multibus-1 boards, of which more than half are
802x boards.


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> Hi All,
> Mike paid a visit from Jacksonville today and we had a llloonnggg day
> digging for computer relics. Mike found a Grid laptop and a NIB Grid


> HDS-200 Hardware Developement system with the plug ins for a 6502 CPU.
> anyone have any information about these?
> Joe
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