Intel i960 evaluation board

From: allisonp <>
Date: Fri Apr 21 21:53:13 2000

>Perhaps you're thinking of the 8096. The i960 has no architectural or

Thats the beastie.

>The 8089 was not particularly intended for embedded applications; it was
>supposed to be a channel controller, i.e., a smart DMA controller able

I know it well. I have a few of them. Actually it does make a fair embeeded
controller if your not doing much math.

>The only thing 20-bit about the 8089 is the address, but at least it was
>a flat 20-bit space unlike that of the 8086.

And the alu was 20 bits wide too. The GA, GB and GC register beiseds
holding address information also were usable as accumulators. Simple part
to program
save for the lack of tools. I tried it for a channel controller for s100.
Parts overhead to use it was on the high side do the the bus state encoding.

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