SIMM Remover tool

From: Jeffrey S. Worley <>
Date: Sat Apr 22 02:47:31 2000

My Sparcstation 330 has 24ea 30-pin simms onboard. Removing them was a
problem for me when I was diagnosing bad ram. I found that a 7.65x54mm
cartridge for my 100+ year old Argentine Mauser rifle was the perfect
tool for working with this type of simm socket.

I suspect any full-metal-jacket round with a "Spitzer"-type nose
(pointy) will work such as 7.62x39 Warsaw Pact or 5.56 Nato will work
just as well or better.

The trick is to start with the 'lowest' simm - the one that is 'under'
all the others. Insert the nose of the round into the hole on one side
of the simm, press down to disengage the clip on the socket and lever
against the simm 'below' the one you are removing. The last simm is
more difficult because there is no simm 'beneath' it to lever against
but the tool is still helpful. Especially if your video card is like
mine, piggybacked onto the motherboard. I lever against it for the last

The copper jacket is soft and will scratch but does not appear to shed
material which is good because copper is conductive.... These minor
scratches will affect accuracy when the round is fired so don't use this
'tool' as ammunition in a competition!

Yes. I drew a five-shot, one-hole group at 110yards with my Winchester
30-30 rifle over open-sites one day. Can hit a quarter at 300yd with a

As with all explosives, due care is indicated.....


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