Interesting finds; 1801, National Semiconductor RM-665, Grid,HPs..

From: allisonp <>
Date: Fri Apr 21 21:46:27 2000

>I found a 1801A CPU! This is the predecessor to the COSMAC 1802. I never

Half cpu... The 1800/1801 were a pair that implemented alost an 1802.

>computer. The NS computer uses MultiBus cards and has an Intel 80/20 CPU
>card with a 8080 CPU. It also has Analog Devices card with several D-A and
>A-D devices on it. I've never heard of a National Semiconductor computer
>before. Does anyone know anything about them? Mike also got a Motorola

National did the BLC80xx series if memory serves, decent intel compatable
multibus. Slightly surprized to see a ISBC80/20 cpu as they nominally had
National cards. I think I have the manual for the BLC80204 8080 card that
was the national equivelent of the ISBC8020.

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