VAXstation 4000VLC

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Sun Apr 23 11:02:54 2000

>Hey, that sounds like a really neat idea! I recently picked up 5 VLC units
>and would love to do something similar. Would you mind if I tried to
>piggy-back off your efforts?
>-- Tony

Not at all, got any idea's on a front-end? I'm actually leaning towards a
IBM Thinkpad for the final results. The problem is 640x480 laptops are
affordable, 800x600 laptops seem to semi-affordable, while the 1024x768's
that I'd prefer look to still be up there a ways.

One of my requirements is that it be able to take a PS/2 Keyboard and
mouse, as I want to be able to plug in something like a LK450 keyboard, and
a 3 button mouse.

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