KYBD (was: VAXstation 4000VLC)

From: John Allain <>
Date: Mon Apr 24 15:58:31 2000

Zane H. Healy

>One of my requirements is that it be able to take a PS/2 Keyboard and
>mouse, as I want to be able to plug in something like a LK450 keyboard, and
>a 3 button mouse.

I'm basically a 98.5% Software and 1.5% Hardware-knowledge guy.
With the little I know - about the PIC micro - It seems like I
could make a 'protocol' converter between keyboards:
    IBM-101 to LK201 and the reverse, etc.
But I'm busy and lazy and was wondering if anybody out there
ever saw someone _Sell_ keyboard converters that do this?
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