ID this board?

From: Marion Bates <>
Date: Sun Apr 23 21:40:52 2000

Thanks Tony,

There are several large chips that say "Xilinx XC2018-70 PC84C A6396A9103E."

More revealing, maybe, is what I just spotted amidst stickers and components: "Central Processing Unit." Heh. So this appears to be a big honkin motherboard from some...analytical thing. Another largish chip says "Dallas DS1287 Real Time" followed by more numbers.

I am gonna hang this on my wall. Unless someone on the list is dying to have it.


--- Tony Duell wrote:
> Hey all,
> I was at the local computer junkyard today and snagged a logic board I can't
> identify. If anyone knows what it is, please enlighten me/us...
> It's about 15 inches wide and 9 deep. Has a "test passed" sticker dated 1991.
> The whole front edge is a connector. The rear port labels include things like
> "octal-UART connector," "SCSI bus to disc," and lots of letters and numbers. It
> says "Computer board PC 1916" on the left side and "Link Analytical made in
> England" on the right. It was in a static bag and looks unused.

I've sort-of come across a company called 'Link Systems'. In fact one of
my ASR33s (Data Dynamics case/electronics) is badged by them.

>From what I remember they made computerised (mostly) analytical
instruments, spectrometers, electron microscopes, that sort of thing.
The computers were sometimes based on PDP11 CPUs (or occasionally DG
Novas IIRC).

They may well have designed their own CPU boards later on, but I've never
seen anything like that.

My guess is that you've found a board, possibly an interface, possibly a
complete CPU, from one of these instruments. What (if any) large chips
are on it?

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