Another VaxStation 3100 revisited...

From: allisonp <>
Date: Mon Apr 24 19:55:04 2000

>I have a bajangle[1] of VMS CD's (from a friend) but only one boots
>(labeled VMS 7.1 Binaries)... It seems to boot VMS (for the very little
>I've ever seen of VMS -- Why didn't I pay attention over the last few
>years... ;-) but it's a very stripped VMS as the only command that seems to
>exist is the "b" command, which seems to invoke some form of backup command
>that can take a "/IMAGE" parameter that I can't seem to get working...

Ok I don't have the paper handy but thats the disk you want. the bootable
image is standalone backup and is used to copy and start the real install.

>Does VMS install from a backup type file, or do I not have any actual
>install CD's?

Yes, from a backup. Sounds like you have the right disk. All you needs is a
license and instructions. The license see the site for and also
check as they supply a $30 VMS 7.1 cd for those that don't

>BTW, main disk is DKA0, subdisk is DKA200, floppy is DKA500, and CDROM is

Ok... DKAnnn means SCSI A disk 0->7 as in 0, 100, 200...700. DKBnnn
is the second scsi bus.

The typical drive IDs are any other than 6 (thats the vax). What device is
the default boot is based on a SET command. You can have no default set in
which case it powers up to the system command prompt, making and addressable
device (disk, tape, network) bootable using the correct >>> B {device}.

>Ultrix seems to run fine from DKA200, but seems kinda slow... (of course,
>this is in comparison to running Linux on a dual-processor P2-350 w/256Meg
>RAM, but in these days of instant gratification... ;-)

Well keeping mind the 3100 you have was fast when 386dx33s and 486DX33s
were the hot stuff. You'll find that in some ways it's faster than that
dual P350!
Just load it down and then ask it do do a directory...

>BTW, when the machine boots (to the ROM monitor) I get the F...E...D...
>etc.. with all dots until it gets to (IIRC, machine home, me work):
>and then spits out what appears to be a memory address. Ethernet's not

Fairly normal selftest (like PC post). There is a list somewhere for wehat
that means. Also the boot monitor has a fairly long list of commands for
doing things like INITing disks and such. Check some of the links at the
NetBSD VAX-port
area. The 3100 series is pretty popular and lots of them around.

>hooked up -- any chance one of those is the network interface saying
>"Hello... Anybody out there?" and any speculation as if the machine might
>have some heartburn?

Yes, Sounds like that one has the ESA0 (eithernet) set to boot using DEC
MOP protocal. Yes, once VMS is on it you can have that one MOP load
another(or even install to it!)!

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