Another VaxStation 3100 revisited...

From: Roger Merchberger <>
Date: Mon Apr 24 22:49:32 2000

Rumor has it that allisonp may have mentioned these words:

>Ok I don't have the paper handy but thats the disk you want. the bootable
>image is standalone backup and is used to copy and start the real install.

Ok. I'll check out the sites that Zane sent me to see if I can find the
correct parameters...

>Sounds like you have the right disk. All you needs is a
>license and instructions. The license see the site for and also
>check as they supply a $30 VMS 7.1 cd for those that don't

I just applied for the DECUS basic membership (for the license) and maybe
after summer I can afford the support membership (building a house this
year - have to conserve all the money I can...)

>Ok... DKAnnn means SCSI A disk 0->7 as in 0, 100, 200...700. DKBnnn
>is the second scsi bus.

That's what I figgered... ;-)

>The typical drive IDs are any other than 6 (thats the vax). What device is
>the default boot is based on a SET command. You can have no default set in
>which case it powers up to the system command prompt, making and addressable
>device (disk, tape, network) bootable using the correct >>> B {device}.

Yes, actually, I *really* like not having a default - makes a nice, neat
bootmanager whether you want to boot from HD # 1, HD # 2, or CD-ROM...

>Well keeping mind the 3100 you have was fast when 386dx33s and 486DX33s
>were the hot stuff. You'll find that in some ways it's faster than that
>dual P350!
>Just load it down and then ask it do do a directory...

I do agree - but the machine (at least for now) won't have a heavy load,
and as I don't have a ton of free time, I want an OS that's a little
snappier... hence my desire to run VMS. ;-)

>The 3100 series is pretty popular and lots of them around.

Yes, I have 4 of them now... ;-)


And also... rumor has it that may have mentioned these

>That would be the RZ25. IIRC the RZ26 is 1Gb, and the RZ28 is 2GB (I know
>the RZ28 and RZ25 are right).

Well, I've been running DEC equipment now since... Easter. ;-) So I don't
have all the nomenclature mezmerized *just* yet... ;-) However, I did just
snag 2 RZ26's today, so I might swap out the RZ25 for a little more room...

>Cool, so far I've only got Ultrix running on a DECstation. Mainly due to
>lack of interest and time. I actually plan on running NetBSD on the
>DECstation, but haven't had time to blow away Ultrix :^)

Well, the install was quite painless (better than Win98 by a longshot) but
rather slow due to the slower CDROM and whatnot...

>See the following:

Ah, yes... I wouldn't have been able to guess all the parameters, so I most
certainly appreciate the pointer! :-)

>Don't blame you, it is after all one of the top two OS's out there, the
>other being MacOS!

Not to sound like a jerk, but MacOS? I realize it was the first (well,
mass-produced) GUI, etc, etc, etc, but I found it rather deflating &
powerless after cutting my teeth on OS-9...

>So is it a CONDIST? Even with the Hobbyist CD's it's very nice to have a
>set of the CD's as there is a lot that is left out!

The person I got the machines from worked for Digital for years before they
got bought by Compaq, and VMS is his favo[u]rite OS. Although one of the
CD's is the freeware CD, I don't think it's the hobbyist set, as there's 11
software CD's in the distribution. Is the hobbyist set marked as such, or
are they indistinguishable from a normal set?

>> P.S. I might have asked this once before, but a website or two with online
>> docs would be *much* appreciated! (I tried the obvious ones, like
>> and, but I didn't find much in technical info...)
> should be your first choice, the :8000
>is very important. This is the OpenVMS documentation site.
>For the OpenVMS Hobbyist program
>For the FAQ
>You might find a little good info at the following also:

I've already learned a bunch! Thanks!

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