KYBD (was: VAXstation 4000VLC)

From: Clint Wolff <>
Date: Tue Apr 25 00:19:34 2000

I've been contemplating such a device as well... Even collected
documentation on the various interfaces, but haven't had time to
work on it recently (too busy trying to keep my current job...)

If someone wants to build them, I'll buy... Otherwise, I'll build
one someday... I don't have enough space for all the monitors I'd
need for all the VS3100's and DS3100's I seem to have collected...


On Mon, 24 Apr 2000, John Allain wrote:

> Zane H. Healy
> >One of my requirements is that it be able to take a PS/2 Keyboard and
> >mouse, as I want to be able to plug in something like a LK450 keyboard, and
> >a 3 button mouse.
> I'm basically a 98.5% Software and 1.5% Hardware-knowledge guy.
> With the little I know - about the PIC micro - It seems like I
> could make a 'protocol' converter between keyboards:
> IBM-101 to LK201 and the reverse, etc.
> But I'm busy and lazy and was wondering if anybody out there
> ever saw someone _Sell_ keyboard converters that do this?
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