Another VaxStation 3100 revisited...

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Date: Tue Apr 25 13:54:41 2000

> Not quite true. It will crash if you do something *really* stupid. For
> example if you try to cluster a VAX/VMS V5.5 system in with a OpenVMS V7.2
> cluster and then unplug the VAX from the cluster becuase it won't boot,
> then once you've finished running the commands to de-cluster it and are
> running the autogen, and you decided to save a couple seconds and just plug
> the ethernet cable back in, BOOM!

Clinically that is a pathological case. ;) You had to work at it though!

> V6.2-V7.2 they're almost right (IIRC, you can fudge it and cluster in a
> V6.1 system but not everything will work right).

Done by the book it's a but more robust.. But then that was the
definition of "supported" VS "it works".

> DFWUG sells the Freeware CD V4 for $7 which I believe includes shipping.
> I've just not gotten around to getting one.

Oh good!

> Cool, I take it you just tell it which system to connect to? I've got a
> DECserver 90L+ that lets me do that with a VT420 using LAT. The 90L+ is
> nice because it's so small, and you can hook several terminals up to it.

It's even nicer when I run the 1200 and VT340(multisession over 1 wire.

With PCs the networking is more like MS networking, though with APACHE
and fileservices going it's nice.

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