Another VaxStation 3100 revisited...

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Tue Apr 25 12:23:14 2000

Allison wrote:
>I like VMS because it doesn't know what crash is and when you drop an

Not quite true. It will crash if you do something *really* stupid. For
example if you try to cluster a VAX/VMS V5.5 system in with a OpenVMS V7.2
cluster and then unplug the VAX from the cluster becuase it won't boot,
then once you've finished running the commands to de-cluster it and are
running the autogen, and you decided to save a couple seconds and just plug
the ethernet cable back in, BOOM!

Had to go out to the garage and reboot the rest of the cluster that was up
at the time. Moral of the story is when the doc's say you can only cluster
V6.2-V7.2 they're almost right (IIRC, you can fudge it and cluster in a
V6.1 system but not everything will work right).

>Ah you got the DECUS freeware CD, great. Wanted one but they ran out of

DFWUG sells the Freeware CD V4 for $7 which I believe includes shipping.
I've just not gotten around to getting one.

>VMS 7.1 has support for TCP/ip, something to help you exploit them PCs.
>Also when you do the install leave in DECwindows as you can use that
>with an Xterm. I do that with a vt1200, rather nice being able to connect
>to any one of 8 Vaxen from one point.

Cool, I take it you just tell it which system to connect to? I've got a
DECserver 90L+ that lets me do that with a VT420 using LAT. The 90L+ is
nice because it's so small, and you can hook several terminals up to it.

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