Of course... a few more VMS questions... ;-)

From: Bill Pechter <pechter_at_pechter.dyndns.org>
Date: Wed Apr 26 19:41:01 2000

> Okay... I'm getting accustomed to the VMS directory structure, and have
> even installed a few apps from one of the CD's, which (of course) failed
> the tail-end of the install due to my not having a DECUS membership number
> yet (pending) or VMS hobbyist license (also pending, and will get right
> after DECUS gets back to me.)

DECUS used to be real good. They reinitialized my old membership
which got dropped (somehow) for inactivity overnight... the next day
I got the licenses off the web. Unfortunately I still haven't gotten
the VaxStation up yet. (too much real work and too much time playing
with the Sun stuff at home lately)...

Of course, they`ve shrunk in size and been dounsized to hell.
The SIG groups got cut back. They got way too political after
Ken Olson left and Palmer came in.

Anyway, I got my package from them with the new ID card in a couple of days
after they got my request.

> Now, will that license be good for anything I install as far as software,
> or will I have to get a license for every type of program I want to run? (I
> sincerely hope the former... ;-) Mainly, I just want to do some C and
> BASIC programming for now.

The license from the hobbyist site will cover the layered apps for
non-commercial use (includsing languages)

> And one other question which I've not found or figured out myself... How do
> I get a directory listing of *just the subdirectories*? I've figured out
> how to search for a particular filename or extension recursively thru the
> subdirectories, but what's the VMS equivalent to DOS's dir /ad or linux's
> ls -lAF|grep '/$' ???

Boy... it's been too long away from VAX/VMS for this old DEC tech...
12 years is a long time.

> Thanks for all the help!
> Roger "Merch" Merchberger
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