Of course... a few more VMS questions... ;-)

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Date: Wed Apr 26 19:47:57 2000

>And one other question which I've not found or figured out myself... How do
>I get a directory listing of *just the subdirectories*? I've figured out
>how to search for a particular filename or extension recursively thru the
>subdirectories, but what's the VMS equivalent to DOS's dir /ad or linux's
>ls -lAF|grep '/$' ???

If you want to see the names of the directories, do


Note that it's possible for a "regular" file to have a .DIR extension;
if you want to tell the difference do a DIR/FULL one it and look to see if the
"is a directory" attribute is on.

If you want to see what's in the subdirectories, do

  DIR [.*]

If you want to see what's in the subdirectories, and the directories below
them, usw., do

  DIR [...]

(The above gives you what's in your current directory too. Do a

  DIR [.*...]

to see only what's below.)

See, isn't that sweet? No funny flags to pass, nicely useful wildcarding,
both signs of a truly CUSPy utility.

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