Packard Bell dead?

From: Russ Blakeman <>
Date: Wed Apr 26 20:03:11 2000

PB was bought out by NEC and there is still warranty on their machines but I'm
not sure if anything new )P2 or 3( have been put out. wrote:

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> > I keep hearing rumors that Packard Bell is out of business. As a tech I
> > can say I haven't seen any really new ones in a while. Never a PB PII or
> > K6-2 machine. Whats the deal? Thier website is up and makes no mention
> > of any trouble.
> they were bought up by NEC IIRC. i did see some PB models a few months ago
> when i did onsite warranty work. to their credit, the latest models were
> standard ATX form factor machines, but still cheaply made.
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