Focal Manual

From: David Gesswein <>
Date: Wed Apr 26 21:30:09 2000

I have one on my web site
This is for the PS/8 Focal which also runs under OS/8 but is a little
different in file operations than the Focal in the PDP-8 programming
handbook. Scanning the programming handbook has been on the todo list
for a while. I think the paper tape version should be a subset of

The System User's Guide for PDP-8/I PDP-8/L and PDP-8 PDP-8/S PDP-5
also has a section on Focal. It seems to be missing from highgate
so I have put it in It appears
that all the other links don't work any more but this page is only
a temporary home until things get moved to the correct location.
Looks like I need to check the highgate collection against mine to
see what else didn't make it.

David Gesswein
Received on Wed Apr 26 2000 - 21:30:09 BST

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