Ahhh springtime.....

From: Clint Wolff <vaxman_at_uswest.net>
Date: Wed Apr 26 21:38:12 2000

When a young mans' heart turns to........ VAXes????

I have reached the conclusion (whilst sipping Captain Morgan's fine
spiced rum) I am in dire need of a VAX 11/780.... If anyone hears of
a working system being decommisioned (IE the console computer hasn't
been removed), let me know... Within 500 miles of Denver, or maybe
more if I feel like travelling...

I am also looking for the following 11/750 printsets:

L0006 - Remote diagnostic monitor
L0008 - Patchable control store
L0016 - Memory controller
L0022 - Memory controller

And the holy grail of 750 documentation: a VAX 11/750 Gate Array
Reference Manual.

For trade, I have a pair of PDP 11/02s in BA11 cases and dual TU58's
from EBay (sorry chuck, I sniped the guy who sniped you :) and a few
other things...

Let me know,
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