Of course... a few more VMS questions... ;-)

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Date: Wed Apr 26 22:35:09 2000

> >Okay... I'm getting accustomed to the VMS directory structure, and have
> Dir dka0:[000000...] ;)

Oh, now that's mean ;^) Hmmm, might be fun though if not on a serial

Since this looks educational, I recommend:

   DIR DKA0:[000000...]/OUTPUT=DKA100:[000000]DKA0LIST.TXT



> that license covers a set of programs that happens to be on the hobbiest CD
> including C, Pascal, TCP/IP networking and a bunch of other things.

I believe just about any currently available language is available, and some
rather odd stuff. ISTR, getting as much of the programming stuff into the
hands of Hobbyists was one of the goals of the Hobbyist Program.

> My favorite device modifier...
> Set device=flamethrower/temperature:plasma
> You get the picture.

? No, I don't. ?

> Most often used are:
> UP same as SET DEF [-] {cd ..}

Hey, I like that, now why didn't I think of that!

Here are some examples from my LOGIN.COM, the /versions=1 means that they
only list the most recent version of the file. On a nonclustered machine
you would say DKA500 instead of $2$DKA500.

$ unzip :== $$2$dka500:[bin]unzip.exe
$ xfig == "_at_$2$DKA500:[BIN.XFIG32]XFIG.COM"
$ define NNTPSERVER news.aracnet.com
$ mxrn :== $$2$dka500:[bin]mxrn
$ sd :== SET DEF
$ home :== SET DEF SYS$LOGIN
$ db :== DIR *.BAS/versions=1
$ dc :== DIR *.COM/versions=1
$ dd :== DIR *.DIR
$ de :== DIR *.EXE/versions=1
$ dt :== DIR *.TXT/versions=1
$ dz :== DIR *.ZIP/versions=1
$ tips :== type sys$login:vms_tips.txt
$ less :== type/page
$ decus :== telnet eisner.decus.org
$ cls :== type/page nl:

> Hint, system is a dangerous account like root. Create a user account with
> some privs as a safety net. Also every account should have a login.com
> which is like a DOS autoexec.bat though DCL is more powerful.

Warning stuffing to much stuff in LOGIN.COM on a system where you use
DECwindows and open a lot of DECterms can be a real performance drag on slow

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