Details on Apollo Workstation (Ottawa) - Also Intergraph station & screen, DEC, etc..

From: Frederic Charpentier <>
Date: Wed Apr 26 22:25:58 2000

Ok, here are the details for as much as I could figure them out (I am not
too terribly familiar with the Apollo).

It is an Apollo series 400, manufactured 9-14-90. This is an operational
unit. The keyboard and screen (big) are present. There is a tape unit behind
the front bay door. The backplane has tons of connectors, notably:

- Lan
- Parallel
- Thin Lan
- RS-232
- Video board: A1416A (BNC RGB connectors)

There are actually 2 screens close to this machine. The HP that I assume
came with the unit, but there also is an Intergraph screen as a companion to
a working Intergraph workstation.. All are in working order.

I have no idea of the size of the the hard disk on the Apollo. I could
investigate further if you are interested. This unit is sitting in a
computer recycling building. It bears a price tag of $50 (canadian). The
Intergraph is in the same price range.


The back of this building has a lot of big iron stuff. DEC, Honeywell,
etc... There are some hard disk assemblies the size of a coffee table. Tons
of packed and wrapped Gandalf chassis & communications equipment (Gandalf
recently ceased activities in Ottawa - their stock obviously ended up in
this warehouse.). Saw a number of MicroVax servers & workstations. Tons of
Sparc workstations and cubes... Couple of fridge-size tape units. Cases of
VAX-looking circuit boards. Most of the stuff looks in working order.

There was a Silicon Graphics system there 2 days ago. Gone today... of

And the list goes on. The stuff does not stay there very long. It ends up in
a smleter for chmical and metal separation.

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