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From: Joe <rigdonj_at_intellistar.net>
Date: Thu Apr 27 00:04:26 2000


   I just helped unload a VAX 11/750 and a bunch of drives and other
accessories at a surplus place Saturday. Everything looks like it's in good
shape and I excpect the owner would sell the stuff for a very reasonable
price. It's in Sanford, Florida if you're interested. The owner will not
ship and I don't have the time or equipment to ship something this big so
you'd have to come get it or find someone that can. (I didn't see any docs
for it.)


At 08:38 PM 4/26/00 -0600, you wrote:
>When a young mans' heart turns to........ VAXes????
>I have reached the conclusion (whilst sipping Captain Morgan's fine
>spiced rum) I am in dire need of a VAX 11/780.... If anyone hears of
>a working system being decommisioned (IE the console computer hasn't
>been removed), let me know... Within 500 miles of Denver, or maybe
>more if I feel like travelling...
>I am also looking for the following 11/750 printsets:
>L0006 - Remote diagnostic monitor
>L0008 - Patchable control store
>L0016 - Memory controller
>L0022 - Memory controller
>And the holy grail of 750 documentation: a VAX 11/750 Gate Array
>Reference Manual.
>For trade, I have a pair of PDP 11/02s in BA11 cases and dual TU58's
>from EBay (sorry chuck, I sniped the guy who sniped you :) and a few
>other things...
>Let me know,
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