Packard Bell dead?

From: Paul Braun <>
Date: Thu Apr 27 00:12:04 2000

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Subject: Packard Bell dead?
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> I keep hearing rumors that Packard Bell is out of business. As a tech I
> can say I haven't seen any really new ones in a while. Never a PB PII or
> K6-2 machine. Whats the deal? Thier website is up and makes no mention
> of any trouble.

Thankfully, PB is now officially dead. They had an auction a month
or so back, and the entire Califonia plant/office was liquidated. This
included inventory, components, chairs, lights, desks......

They tried to buy some reputation a couple of years back when
they bought NEC, but a PB by any other name........

NEC continues on, I believe.

Paul Braun
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