Of course... a few more VMS questions... ;-)

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>$ unzip :== $$2$dka500:[bin]unzip.exe
>$ xfig == "_at_$2$DKA500:[BIN.XFIG32]XFIG.COM"
>$ mxrn :== $$2$dka500:[bin]mxrn

Actually, you might want to do a HELP DEFINE and learn how to set
up logicals. Hard-coded device names scattered throughout a bunch of
command files are a pain in the rear when you later move stuff between
disks or consolidate disks. Wouldn't you rather say DISK$BIN: than
$$2$dka500: ?

On a small system the advantage may not be so obvious, but when you've
got a medium-sized VMScluster (a couple dozen CPU's, a few hundred disks),
especially with a mix of Alpha and VAX CPU's, it really pays off.

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