Of course... a few more VMS questions... ;-)

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Date: Thu Apr 27 08:33:06 2000

> >$ unzip :== $$2$dka500:[bin]unzip.exe
> >$ xfig == "_at_$2$DKA500:[BIN.XFIG32]XFIG.COM"
> >$ mxrn :== $$2$dka500:[bin]mxrn
> Actually, you might want to do a HELP DEFINE and learn how to set
> up logicals. Hard-coded device names scattered throughout a bunch of
> command files are a pain in the rear when you later move stuff between
> disks or consolidate disks. Wouldn't you rather say DISK$BIN: than
> $$2$dka500: ?
> On a small system the advantage may not be so obvious, but when you've
> got a medium-sized VMScluster (a couple dozen CPU's, a few hundred disks),
> especially with a mix of Alpha and VAX CPU's, it really pays off.

This is a good thing to do.

Also login.com does nto have to be large. Most of my utilities are .coms
that are pointed to or executed from login.com. It's well worth
mentioning you can make sections of it so they do not execute if the login
is non-interactive.

The ability to define system logicals as well as account local logicals
is a really handy aspect of VMS and can be used to make admin and user
operations much easier.

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