From: Mark Green <>
Date: Thu Apr 27 10:00:05 2000

> > A student of mine has a circa 1990 SGI Personal Iris with GR1.2
> > graphics--apparently less than 8-bit. He wants to run Blender on it
> > <> and he'll need at least 8-bit graphics to do that.
> Anybody have a PI graphics board that's 8-bit or better to give or sell
> to him?

There's something wrong here. I know of no SGI with less
than 8 bits of graphics, all the PIs have at least 8 bit
graphics, and most of them have 24. So the problem must
be somewhere else.

Here are a few things to look into:

1) Which version of the OS is it running? Some of the earlier
   versions of IRIX used some of the bits for window management.

2) I don't know anything about blender, but is it expecting
   OpenGL? The PI series doesn't run OpenGL, they run IRIS GL,
   which isn't compatible with OpenGL. This could be where
   the problem is occuring.

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