Opening CP/M files (.asm/.bas)

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> These disks were produced by an old CP/M user group, and they are labeled by
> disk number (5a, 5b, 28a, 28b for example,) and they are a confusing mess.
> Some of the programs have files scattered between numerous disks, mixed in
> with bits and pieces of other programs. Sheesh. It's going to take some
> time to sort this headache out. I must be out of my mind.
> Ernest

If the old CPMUG is still functioning (I think it is), get a copy of their
catalog. Most of the public domain stuff was in that data base at one time.
I bought some disks from them in 1996 so I know they were still around them.
There was a CPMUG on Compuserve also. Try that bunch for sure as they had
several folks knowledgable in CP/M 2.2 and CP/M 3.0.

Good Luck.

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