Sorenson lab supply in So Cal

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Fri Apr 28 07:09:49 2000

I picked a fairly nice looking Sorenson lab power supply out of the non
recycling bin today, but don't really have any personal plans for it. There
is a postit complaining about the knobs not effecting the meters or
something like that, but it looks too nice to dump. If you are local to
SoCal, or insane, or have free shipping, email me and its yours for a token
fee of $2.

OTOH this is a really nice looking unit, so I may take a swing at fixing
whatever is tired in the regulation boards.

Unit is about 5 inches high, rack mount, black with large V and A meters,
Sorenson made by Ratheon, weighs maybe 35 lbs.

Anybody going to TRW Saturday, email me soon, as I am undecided right now.
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