AOL Disks Collectable - why not?

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Date: Fri Apr 28 08:53:00 2000

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> Why not collect AOL memorabilia? The definition of a collectible (ideally)
> is something that wasn't made to be collected, but through circumstance
> began to appeal to people and people started collecting them.
> One man's treasure is another man's trash. You must admit those little
> diskette packages were distinctive, ingenious packaging, and there were
> many, many versions. These are good grounds for becoming a collectible.
> While they are not my cup'o tea, I hope those that can perhaps only collect
> them, instead of systems, have fun.

hmmm, i still have the apple version and pc version 1.5 still in their
hey, i betcha my aol version 2.5 beta tester coffee cup would bring in
thousands of dollars!

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