AOL Disks Collectable - why not?

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Date: Fri Apr 28 09:24:11 2000

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> hmmm, i still have the apple version and pc version 1.5 still in their
> packages...
> hey, i betcha my aol version 2.5 beta tester coffee cup would bring in
> thousands of dollars!

Superdave tell you what. If someone somewhere found out you did have an AOL
Version 2.5 Beta Tester coffee cup and they wanted it badly enough and that
person offered you US$1 000.00 for it, would you turn them down? Would you
find some ethical reason why they shouldn't spend their money that way?
Would you feel better not having $1K more than you did before?

If you, or anyone who might read this discussion, answer no to all or any of
these questions then let's get off the righteous collectors' bandwagon and
fill this bandwidth with useful sourcing tips and wonderful 'how I found it
stories', announcements of new acquisitions, and interesting technical
questions and answers instead of these complaints about other collectors.

Remember there are many, many more people who DON'T collect computers than
those who do AND THEY THINK WE'RE absolutely nuts. So since our complaints
don't offset their complaints in the grand scheme of things, let's just not
do it anymore.

Yours in good faith.

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