Opening CP/M files (.asm/.bas)

From: Roger Ivie <>
Date: Fri Apr 28 12:26:59 2000

>However, I was wondering, would it be possible to hand copy (type) an
>existing CP/M comm program to a Apple formatted floppy. I'm not sure of how
>the addressing is handled by the Z80 card but my logic is that if most CP/M
>programs will run on my Z80 card, would a generic CP/M comm program run
>also. I'm guessing "no" but if anyone has any thoughts on it, please let me

I don't know anything about the BIOS implementations on the Z80 cards, but I
use the exact same executable of Kermit on a variety of CP/M hardware. The
common feature of these machines is that they all support the I/O
byte. I've used
this executable on the Televideo 802 (pretty much a normal CP/M type of
setup), the Epson PX-8 (not even close to the hardware of the 802) and the
DECmate II (where the Z80 can't even touch the UART! It has to give messages
to the PDP-8 to do all of the work), but because all of these systems implement
the IOBYTE all of them can use the same executable of Kermit.

Roger Ivie
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