Opening CP/M files (.asm/.bas)

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Date: Fri Apr 28 12:52:58 2000

> I don't know anything about the BIOS implementations on the Z80 cards, but I
> use the exact same executable of Kermit on a variety of CP/M hardware. The
> common feature of these machines is that they all support the I/O
> byte. I've used

That is more uncommon than common. Comm programs for my VT180 do work on
the AmproLB but neither of the horizons or the SB180. as an example.

What kermit can do for you is allow a PC or any system as a host. But if
you can run kermit then you can have MEX or MODEM7 just as easily.

The biggest error people make early on with CPM to CPM transfers via
serial is going too fast as some can ru the port at 9600 (or faster)
but the CPU can not service the port that fast (kaypro is an example
if it writes to screen).

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