Gene Sequencer at rummage shop in Seattle.

From: Roger Ivie <>
Date: Fri Apr 28 12:31:04 2000

>A few days ago, I walked into a no-name rummage shop, on Pine and Summit in
>Seattle, and found a large Gene Sequencer, with attached teletype, and lots
>of other analytical equipment. It's a heavy duty piece of equipment (all
>steel,) and very serious looking. It probably weighs a ton, and it's about 4
>feet long by 2-3 feet tall. Also, it looks old, like from the late
>sixties-early seventies (just a guess.)

The most truly amazing surplus story I've ever heard was that of a fellow that
acquired a surplus Plutonium processing plant from INEL, up in Idaho. The
government managed to stop him from shipping it to India, but it was a close

Roger Ivie
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