Opening CP/M files (.asm/.bas)

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Date: Fri Apr 28 12:47:05 2000

> Yeah, that could be my problem but then again, I can't say. I am doing some
> systematic experimentation, and getting my feet wet on working with the
> assembler, etc.. I guess that the main reason that I'm going to all this
> trouble is because there isn't much software that will work for an Apple II
> with Z80 softcard. The disk format is the problem -lots of software but I
> can't get it transferred to my Apple CP/M disks because I don't have any
> communication software to do it with.

Well, if you have the softcard docs there are a pair of programs to copy
via serial line program from another CPM crate. they were called up and

> However, I was wondering, would it be possible to hand copy (type) an
> existing CP/M comm program to a Apple formatted floppy. I'm not sure of how
> the addressing is handled by the Z80 card but my logic is that if most CP/M
> programs will run on my Z80 card, would a generic CP/M comm program run
> also. I'm guessing "no" but if anyone has any thoughts on it, please let me
> know.

No! Apple with softcard was a hybrid and the IO used the 6502 to do
serial, disk, screen and other handy things. Most CPM comm programs like
I'd said were the worst offenders for using the hardware directly.

The best way is to look at the up and down programs if you have them as
they are simple and do the basic work to communicate with asystem with a
similar program (they are very trivial). Unfortunatly I don't ahve the
the original version of them and the ones I use are very different so I
can't help there. But, Even the fancy versions I run are less than
300 bytes! The Apply ones were some 200 or so and easily hand entered to

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